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Atlantic Pharma is a part of Atlantic Group of Companies. Atlantic Group has been operating in the manufacturing industry for the past 15 years with products currently being distributed in more than 30 different countries. With Atlantic Pharma, Atlantic Group aspires to grow in a new direction over the coming years with their focus towards a better and healthier future.



• Be the preferred partner for all our clients by focusing on a B2B business model.
• Achieve excellence through research and innovation.
• Build a wide network of research and development across the globe.



• Manufacture the highest grade of products.
• Reflect environmentally friendly manufacturing and sourcing processes.
• Quality & Resourcefulness.


Research and development

Our fourth new state of the art facility will allow us the potential to develop a unique range of products that are specific to the market requirements and trends. Our research driven approach allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques which we are able to adopt and reflect to our product range.



Our company culture promotes and celebrates differences in thoughts and experiences. It is our company’s ethos to hire people from all races, genders and backgrounds. This allows us to look at the world from a much wider perspective. This is especially crucial when delivering comprehensive solutions to problems from around the world.


Corporate Social Responsibility

At Atlantic Pharma we are committed to operate in an economic, social and environmentally friendly manner. More importantly it is extremely crucial for us to maintain our manufacturing to the highest possible standard.

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